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World J Gastroenterol. May 28, 2016; 22(20): 4824-4834
Published online May 28, 2016. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v22.i20.4824
Table 3 Global status of multiplex qPCR developed for hepatitis viral infections with and without other pathogens
No.Assay systemsInstruments usedGroup of pathogens detected
Types of chemistries/detection methods usedRef.
Hepatitis virusesOther pathogens
1Multiplex real time PCRMx4000 (Stratagene)HBV, HCVHIV type-1, T. pallidumTaqMan-LNA probe[21]
2Multiplex real time PCRLight cycler 480 (Roche)HEV genotypes-N.A.[41]
3Real time PCR assayABI 7500 (Applied Biosystems)HAV, HBV, HCV, HDV, HEV-TaqMan Array card[42]
4Multiplex qPCR assayLight cycler 480 (Roche)HBV, HDV-TaqMan probe[43]
5Multiplex qPCR assayABI 7500 (Applied Biosystems)HAV, HEV-Hydrolysis probe[22]
6Multiplex qRT-PCRN.A.HAVNorovirus genotypes 1 and 2TaqMan probe[44]
7Multiplex ligation dependent probe real time PCRRotor-GeneQ (Qiagen)HBV mutants-TaqMan probe[45]
MLPA probe
8Multiplex real time RT-PCRN.A.HEV genotypes-N.A.[46]
9Multiplex qPCRN.A.HBV genotypes-SYBR Green[47]
10Multiplex Real time PCRN.A.HAVNorovirus, Rotavirus, CoxsackievirusTaqMan probe[48]
11Multiplex Real time PCRLight cycler 2.0 (Roche)HAV, HBV, HCV and HEV-FRET probe[15]
12Multiplex RT-PCRABI 2720 (Applied Biosystems)HCVHIV type-1SYBR Green I[8]
13Multiplex qPCRN.A.HAV, HEVEntero and Adeno-virusesN.A.[49]
14Multiplex Real-Time PCR AssayCFX96 (Bio-Rad)HAV, HBV, HCV-READ technology based fluorophore[4]
15RT PCR assaySmart cycler II (Cepheid)HBV, HCV-TaqMan probe[50]
16Duplex real time PCRABI 7500 (Applied Biosystems)HBV variants-Hydrolysis probe[51]
17Multiplex RT PCRN.A.HCV subtyping-Electrophoresis[52]
18Multiplex qPCRN.A.HBV genotypes-N.A.[53]
19Multiplex qPCRN.A.HCVHIV type-1SYBR Green I[54]
20Duplex real-time RT-PCRABI Prism system (Applied Biosystems)HCV variants-Hydrolysis probe[55]
21Multiplex real time PCRN.A.HAVNorovirus genotypes 1 and 2N.A.[56]
22Duplex real-time qRT-PCRABI Prism 7000 (Applied Biosystems)HAVMS2 bacteriophageMGB-TaqMan probe[57]
23Multiplex TaqMan RT-qPCR systemMX30005P (Stratagene)HEVFCVTaqMan probe[58]
24Multiplex real time PCRABI 7300 (Applied Biosystems)HBV genotypes-TaqMan probe[59]
25Real time PCRN.A.HBV genotypes-TaqMan probe[60]
26Multiplex real time PCRMx3005P (Stratagene)HEVFCVTaqMan probe[61]
27Multiplex RT PCR assayABI Prism 7500 (Applied Biosystems)HCVPDVMGB hybridization probe[62]
28Multiplex qPCR assayN.A.HBVB19, HHV-8, EBV, CMV, VZVN.A.[63]
29Multiplex qPCRN.A.HBV, HCVHIV type-1SYBR Green I[16]
30Multiplex Real Time PCRABI 7500 (Applied Biosystems)HBV mutants-LNA probes with SYBR Green I[64]
31Microarray multiplex assayABI Prism 7700 (Applied Biosystems)HBV, HCVHIV type-1Oligonucleotide array labeled with Cy5 and Cy3[65]
32Real time multiplex PCRN.A.HAVEntero and Adeno-virusesProbes labeled with FAM, R6G, ROX, Cy5[66]
33Multiplex real time RT-PCRLightCycler (Roche)HCVHIV type-1SYBR Green[67]
34Real time multiplex PCRicycler iQ (Bio-Rad)HCV variants-TaqMan probes[68]
35Multiplex real-time RT PCRABI 7000 (Applied Biosystems)HCV genotypes-Primer probes[69]
36Multiplex real-time qPCRMx4000 (Stratagene)HBV, HCVHIV type-1TaqMan probes[70]
37Automated multiplex PCRABI Prism 7700 (Applied Biosystems)HBV, HCVHIV type-1TaqMan probes[71]