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World J Gastroenterol. Mar 14, 2015; 21(10): 3072-3084
Published online Mar 14, 2015. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v21.i10.3072
Table 3 Characteristics of studies included in the systematic review
TrialType of IBSCriteriaAge (yr)
Sex (Male/Female)
ProbioticProbiotic dosageDuration of treatmentFollow-upOutcome
Agrawal et al[51]C-IBSRome III39.60/190/19Bifidobacteriumlactis DN-1730101.25 × 1010 CFU4 wk1 wk↓ Abdominal distension and bloating
Hun[48]D-IBSRome II48.369/41Bacillusc oagulans GBI-3060868× 108 CFU8 wk-↓ Bloating and abdominal pain
Dolin[67]D-IBSRome III52.3447/196/23B. coagulans GBI-3060862 × 109 CFU8wk2 wk↓ Number of daily bowel movements
Guandalini et al[47]AlltypesRome II4-1831/28VSL#34.5 × 1011 bacteria6 wk6 wk after 2-wk wash-out↓ Percentage of symptoms, severity and frequency of abdominal pain and bloating
↑ QoL
Ligaarden et al[53]All typesRome II46.5 (18-75)5/11Lactobacillusplantarum MF12981 × 1010 CFU3 wk-Daily symptom scores not different between probiotic and placebo groups
Francavilla et al[50]NDRome II6.56.343/2435/23L. rhamnosus GG3 × 109 CFU12wk8 wk↓ Frequency and severity of pain, and improved intestinal permeability
Hong et al[49]All typesRome III333312/2510/26Lactobacillus sp. HY78014 × 109 CFU8 wk-↑ Intestinal barrier function in females
B. longum HY804↓ Pain and flatulence defection
L. brevis HY7401
Choi et al[54]D-IBS, A-IBSRome II40.240.618/1719/20Saccharomycesboulardii2 × 1011 CFU4 wk-↑ QoL
Michail et al[52]D-IBSRome III21.8±175/103/6VSL#39 × 1011 bacteria8 wk-↑ QoL
No change in gut microbiota
↑ Specific GSRS-IBS scores