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World J Gastroenterol. Dec 28, 2010; 16(48): 6087-6097
Published online Dec 28, 2010. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v16.i48.6087
Table 1 Hepatoprotective effects of melatonin in different models of stress
ModelInduction/typeMelatonin treatmentHepatoprotective effects of melatoninSpeciesRef.
Septic shockCLP/LPS/LPS + BCG0.25-60 mg/kg ip/iv/po 1-10 ×hLPO↓, AST/ALT/GGT/ALP/BIL↓, hGSH/hGPx/hSOD/hCAT↑, hNEC↓, hPMN infiltration↓, hTNF-α/hIL-1/hNO↓, 72-h survival rate↑Rats, mice[40-49]
Hemorrhagic shock90 min (MAP 35)/40%10 mg/kg iv 1 doseAST/ALT/LDH↓, liver function PDR-ICG↑, hepatic perfusion↑, hNEC↓Rats[50-52]
Ischemia/reperfusion40-60 min ischemia/ischemia + resection10-20 mg/kg ip/im 1-5 ×hLPO↓, AST/ALT/LDH↓, hGSH↑, hNEC↓, hMPO↓, hPMN infiltration↓, hTNF-α/hCAS/hAPO/hiNOS↓, 7-d survival rate↑Rats[53-62]
Surgical trauma70% hepatectomy10 mg/kg per day ip for 7 dhLPO↓, hGSH↑, histological alterations↓Rats[63]
Toxic liver injuryδ-Aminolevulinic acid10 mg/kg per day ip 7-14 dhLPO↓, hepatic DNA damage↓Rats[64,65]
Acetaminophen10-100 mg/kg ip/po/sc 1 ×hLPO↓, AST/ALT↓, hGSH↑, hMPO↓, hNEC↓, 72-h survival rate↑Mice[66-68]
Adriamycin2-6 mg/kg ip/sc 1-7 ×hLPO↓, hGSH/hGPx/hCAT↑, hHSP 40/60/70↓Rats, mice[69-71]
Aflatoxins5-40 mg/kg per day ig/ip for 3-8 wkhLPO↓, hGSH/hGPx↑, hCAS/hNO↓, hHSP-70↓, hNEC↓Rats, chicks[72-76]
Allyl alcohol100 mg/kg ip 1 ×hLPO↓, AST/ALT/LDH↓, hGSH↑, hNEC↓Rats[77]
Arsenic10 mg/kg ip for 5 dhLPO↓, hGSH/hSOD/hCAT↑Rats[78]
Cadmium10-12 mg/kg per day ip/po for 3-15 dhLPO↓, hGSH/hGPx↑, hNEC↓Rats, mice[79-82]
Carbon tetrachloride10-100 mg/kg ip/sc 1-30 ×hLPO↓, AST/ALT/ALP/LDH/BIL↓, hGSH/hSOD/hCAT↑, hXO↓, hNO↓, hTNF-α/hIL-1b/hNF-κB↓, hNEC↓Rats, mice[77,83-92]
Cyclophosphamide100 μg/kg per day po for 15 dhLPO↓, hGSH↑Mice[93]
Cyclosporin A715 μg/kg per day ip for 14 dhLPO↓, AST/ALT/GGT↓, hNEC↓Rats[94-96]
Diazepam5 mg/kg per day sc for 30 dhLPO↓, hSOD/hGSH↑Rats[97]
Dimethylnitrosamine50-100 mg/kg per day ip for 14 dhLPO↓, AST/ALT/ALP/BIL↓, hSOD/hGSH/hGPx/hHO-1↑, hTNF-α/hIL-1b/hIL-6/hNF-κB↓Rats[98,99]
Diquat20 mg/kg ip 1 ×ALT↓, hepatic content of F2-isoprostane↓, 24-h survival rate↑Rats, mice[100,101]
Doxorubicin10 mg/kg sc for 7 dhLPO↓, GGT/LDH↓Rats[102]
Endosulfan10 mg/kg ip for 5 dhLPO↓, AST/ALT/LDH↓, hGSH↑, hMPO↓, hTNF-α/IL-1b↓Rats[103]
Iodine1 mg/kg per day ip for 14 dHepatic content of Schiff‘s bases↓Rats[104]
Kainic acid4-10 mg/kg ip 1 ×Hepatic DNA damage↓Rats[105]
Lead10-30 mg/kg per day ig for 7-30 dhLPO↓, hGSH/hGPx/hSOD↑, hNEC↓Rats[106,107]
Methanol10 mg/kg ip 2 ×hLPO↓, hGSH/hGPx/hSOD/hCAT↑, hMPO/hNO↓Rats[108]
Methotrexate10 mg/kg per day ip for 5 dhLPO↓, hGSH↑, hNEC↓Rats[109]
Mercury-(II)10 mg/kg ip 2 ×hLPO↓, hGSH↑, hMPO↓Rats[110]
α-Naphthylisothiocyanate10-100 mg/kg ip/po 1-4 ×hLPO↓, AST/ALT/LDH/GGT/ALP/BIL↓, hSOD/hCAT↑, hMPO↓Rats[111-114]
Nodularin5-15 mg/kg per day ip for 7 dhGPx/hSOD/hCAT↑Mice[115]
Ochratoxin A5-20 mg/kg ig/po 1-28 ×hLPO↓, GGT/ALP↓, hGSH/hGPx/hSOD/hCAT↑, hNEC↓Rats[116-120]
Paraquat1-10 mg/kg ip 5-6 ×hLPO↓, hGSH↑, LD50 of paraquat↑Rats[121,122]
Phosphine10 mg/kg ip 1 ×hLPO↓, hGSH↑Rats[123]
Safrole0.1-0.2 mg/kg sc 2 ×Hepatic DNA damage↓Rats[124]
Thioacetamide3 mg/kg ip 3-5 ×hLPO↓, AST/ALT/LDH/ammonia↓, hGSH/hCAT↑, hiNOS/hNEC↓Rats[125-127]
Zymosan5-50 mg/kg ip 1-7 ×hLPO/hMPO↓Rats[128,129]
CholestasisBile-duct ligation0.5-100 mg/kg per day ip/po for 7-13 dhLPO↓, AST/ALT/GGT/ALP/BIL↓, hGSH/hGPx/hSOD/hCAT↑, hMPO↓, hNO↓, hNEC↓, iron disturbances↓Rats[130-140]
Ionizing radiationFull-body; 0.8-6.0 Gray5-50 mg/kg ip 1-5 ×hLPO↓, AST/ALT/GGT↓, hGSH/hSOD/hGPx↑, hMPO/hNO↓, hepatic DNA damage↓Rats[141-145]
MalariaSchistosoma mansoni10 mg/kg per day ip for 30 dhLPO↓, AST/ALT↓, hGSH/hSOD↑, 56-d survival rate↑Mice[146]