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World J Gastroenterol. Nov 28, 2010; 16(44): 5592-5597
Published online Nov 28, 2010. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v16.i44.5592
Table 2 Clinical-radiological variables and histological features of ampullary tumors
PatientsUSCT-scanMRIL-EUSEndoscopic imaging + biopsiesSurgeryDefinitive staging and histology
1Not doneNegSuspicion:dilation CBD + WDT2N0Visible lesion 1.6 cm-HGDDCPPT2N0, ADK
2UncertainNegSuspicion:dilation CBD + WDT2N0Visible lesion 2.0 cm-HGDDCPPT2N1, ADK
3Not doneNegSuspicion:dilation CBD + WDT2N0Visible lesion 1.8 cm-HGDDCPPT2N0, ADK
4Not doneNot doneSuspicion:dilation CBD + WDT2N0Visible lesion 2.0 cm -HGDDCPPT2N0, ADK
5Not doneNot doneSuspicion:dilation CBD + WDT2N0Visible lesion 1.5 cm-HGDDCPPT2N0, ADK
6NegNegNegT1N0Visible lesion 2.0 cm-LGDEMRPT1N0, LGD
7Not doneNegNegT1N0Visible lesion 2.0 cm-LGDEMRPT1N0, LGD
8NegNot doneNegT2N0Visible lesion 2.0 cm -HGDSAPT1N0, HGD
9NegNegSuspicion:dilation CBDT2N0Visible lesion 2.0 cm-ADKDCPPT2N0, ADK
10NegNegNegT2N0Visible lesion 2.0 cm HGDDCPPT2N0, ADK
11NegNegSuspicion:dilation CBD + WDT2N0Visible lesion 2.0 cm-ADKDCPPT2N0, ADK
12NegNegSuspicion:dilation CBD + WDT2N0Visible lesion 2.6 cm-ADKDCPPT2N1, ADK
13Not doneNegNegT1N0Visible lesion 1.5 cm-LGDSAPT1N0, LGD
14NegNot doneSuspicion:dilation CBDT2N0Visible lesion 2.5 cm-ADKDCPPT2N0, ADK
15NegNot doneSuspicion:dilation CBDT2N1Visible lesion 2.0 cm-HGDDCPPT2N0, ADK
16NegUncertainSuspicion:dilation CBDT2N1Visible lesion 2.0 cm-HGDDCPPT2N0, ADK
17NegNegSuspicion:dilation CBDT2N1Visible lesion 2.0 cm-ADKDCPPT2N0, ADK
18NegNegSuspicion:dilation CBDT2N1Visible lesion 1.5 cm-ADKDCPPT2N1, ADK
19Not doneNegSuspicion:dilation CBD + WDT2N1Visible lesion 2.0 cm-ADKDCPPT2N1, ADK
20NegNegSuspicion:dilation CBDT1N0Visible lesion 1.5 cm-HGDDCPPT2N0, ADK
21Not doneNegNegT2N1Visible lesion 2.0 cm-ADKDCPPT2N0, ADK
22Not doneNot doneSuspicion:dilation CBDT2N0Visible lesion 2.5 cm-not availableDCPPT1N0, HGD
23UncertainNegSuspicion:dilation CBD + WDT2N1Visible lesion 2.5 cm-ADKDCPPT2N1, ADK
24NegNegSuspicion:dilation CBD + WDT2N1Visible lesion 2.0 cm-ADKSA due to agePT2N0, ADK