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World J Gastroenterol. Oct 28, 2009; 15(40): 5067-5073
Published online Oct 28, 2009. doi: 10.3748/wjg.15.5067
Table 5 Relationship between demographic and clinical characteristics of the 44 patients who completed the questionnaires and the results of the questionnaires used (in bold the significant associations)
Gender (males vs females)0.58910.63010.48020.31710.21410.3873
Age at interview0.11340.0424 (r = 0.309)0.35110.0384 (r = -0.314)0.30940.5255
Disease duration0.96240.75140.91210.66940.75240.8565
Marital status (single vs married)0.18110.09310.23720.11010.55610.4433
Diploma (trend from elementary school to university degree)0.18550.91650.64830.70550.37350.4053
Job (workers vs retired)0.24010.0321 (-9.4 ± 4.23)0.24020.05410.05710.2273
Alcohol habit (drinkers vs non-drinkers)0.40710.74510.48020.65310.72410.9303
Smoking habit (smokers vs non-smokers)0.34910.46510.29420.12410.12210.6013
Comorbidities (present vs absent)0.65110.92311.00020.43510.20210.4023
Non-disease specific drugs (yes vs no)0.0321 (-8.7 ± 3.9)0.32210.08520.36910.15210.1403
Previous surgery not due to neuroendocrine tumors (yes vs no)0.77510.23810.24120.43910.43710.3213
Surgery due to pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (yes vs no)0.0491 (8.1 ± 4.0)0.77810.66920.98710.88010.9573
Disease status (disease free patients vs patients having lymph node involvement or liver metastases)0.87510.45411.00020.30010.16910.1053
Specific treatment (yes vs no)0.81610.45410.72220.92510.73310.9853
Pain in the last month (present vs absent)0.15210.37110.07520.0461 (7.4 ± 3.6)0.0491 (6.7 ± 3.3)0.1903
Dyspepsia (present vs absent)0.11510.0251 (-8.7 ± 3.8)0.72820.19910.19510.01536
Diabetes (present vs absent)0.90810.26310.45720.88310.58110.9383