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World J Gastroenterol. Oct 21, 2008; 14(39): 5945-5961
Published online Oct 21, 2008. doi: 10.3748/wjg.14.5945
Table 1 Estrogen receptor expression in liver tissue samples from HCC patients
Subcellular localizationMethodER subtype/Antibody sourcenSubjectsPositive casesCountry and areaYrReference
CytosolicBANA55 M5 MUnited States1982[30]
Cytosolic and nuclearBANA53 M, 2 F3 M, 2 FUnited Kingdom1983[31]
CytosolicIHCNA, Anti ER Ab Hypolabs, Switzerland10NA1Singapore1984[39]
CytosolicBANA3029 M, 1 F12Japan1986[13]
Cytosolic and nuclearBANA86 M, 2 F1 MJapan1986[17]
CytosolicBANA139 M, 4 F1 FJapan1987[32]
CytosolicEIAAbbot ER-EIA monoclonal kit139 M, 4 F3 M, 2 FJapan1987[32]
CytosolicBANA1919 F7 FJapan1989[15]
CytosolicBANA6652 M, 14 F23 M, 3 FJapan1990[34]
CytosolicBANA64 M, 2 F1 FJapan1990[35]
CytosolicBANA2118 M, 3 F9 M, 1 FJapan1991[36]
Cytosolic and nuclearBANA96 M, 3 F6 M, 2 FItaly, United States1991[37]
Cytosolic and nuclearBANA96 M, 3 F6 M, 2 FItaly, United States1991[33]
NAIHCNA, Abott, ER-ICA1512 M, 3 F0Italy1993[40]
CytosolicEIANA, Abbot anti ER2618 M, 8 F4Spain1993[41]
CytosolicEIANA, Abbot anti ER3320 M, 13 F8 M, 5 FGermany1997[42]
CytosolicIHCNA, ER monoclonal Ab, Dako7159 M, 12 F15 M, 2 FHong Kong1997[43]
Cytosolic and nuclearIHCERα, Santacruz4537 M, 8 F21 (cytosolic)United States, Korea12004[44]
11 (nuclear)
NuclearIHCERα, Dako (ID5)3126 M, 5 F12 M, 4 FSpain2007[47]