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World J Gastroenterol. Jan 7, 2008; 14(1): 1-14
Published online Jan 7, 2008. doi: 10.3748/wjg.14.1
Table 2 Agents for anti-IGF-1R-based cancer treatment
NameTarget MechanismCurrent status
Small moelcule inhibitors
INSM-18IGF-1R and HER2Substrate competitive inhibitorPhase I[44]
NVP-AEW541IGF-1RATP-competitive inhibitorPreclinical[63]
NVP-ADW742IGF-1RATP-competitive inhibitor, activation of proapoptotic pathwaysPreclinical[62]
BMS-536924IGF1R and IRATP competitive inhibitor,Preclinical[143]
CyclolignansIGFR-1RIGF competitive inhibitorPreclinical[144]
CP-751, 871IGF-1RIGF1R downregulationPhaseIfor multiple myeloma
Phase II for Breast-[145], lung-[146], and prostate[147] cancer
A12IGF-1RIGF1R down-regulation, apoptosis, cell cycle arrestPhase I[148]
scFv-FcIGF-1RIGF1R downregulationPreclinical[149]
AVE-1642IGF-1RIGF1R downregulation, cell-cycle arrest, induction of apoptosisPreclinical[69]