Retrospective Cohort Study
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World J Gastroenterol. Dec 7, 2019; 25(45): 6668-6680
Published online Dec 7, 2019. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v25.i45.6668
Figure 1
Figure 1 Flowchart of the included patients.
Figure 2
Figure 2 Area under the receiver operating curves for the risk scoring systems with regard to in-hospital rebleeding (A), in-hospital mortality (B), and in-hospital adverse outcomes (C). AUROC: Area under the receiver operating characteristic curve; CTP: Child-Turcotte-Pugh score; MELD: Model for end-stage liver disease; CRS: Clinical Rockall score; GBS: Glasgow-Blatchford score; mGBS: Modified Glasgow-Blatchford score; AIMS65: AIMS65 score; CANUKA: Canada-United Kingdom-Australia score.