Systematic Reviews
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Artif Intell Gastrointest Endosc. Jun 8, 2024; 5(2): 92090
Published online Jun 8, 2024. doi: 10.37126/aige.v5.i2.92090
Table 1 Description of studies included in this systematic review of virtual reality training in gastrointestinal endoscopy
Study design
Study setting
Types of trainees
No. of participants
Types of colonoscopies
Types of VR training
Buzink et al[4], 2007 Pre and post studyAcademic medical centers Novice endoscopists, expert endoscopists 30ColonoscopyGI Mentor II
Cohen et al[15], 2006Multicenter RCTAcademic medical centers 2 yrGastroenterology fellows45ColonoscopyGI Mentor
Ferlitsch et al[10], 2002Single-center RCTAcademic institution3 wkMedical residents13Upper endoscopy and colonoscopyGI Mentor
Ferlitsch et al[12], 2010Single-center RCTAcademic institution4 yrInternal medicine residents 28Upper endoscopyGI Mentor
Gerson and Van Dam[19], 2003Single-center RCTAcademic institution9 monthsInternal medicine residents 16SigmoidoscopyVR sigmoidoscopy simulator
Gomez et al[20], 2015Single-center RCTAcademic institution1 monthSurgery residents27ColonoscopyGI Mentor
Grover et al[8], 2015Single-center RCTAcademic medical centers 6 wkSurgery residents, medicine residents, gastroenterology fellows33ColonoscopyVR endoscopy simulator
Hashimoto et al[9], 2018Two-phase studyAcademic medical centers 6 monthsEndoscopists44Upper endoscopy and colonoscopyGI Mentor
Koch et al[11], 2015Prospective studyAcademic institutionTrainees18ColonoscopyGI Mentor II
McIntosh et al[21], 2014Single-center RCTAcademic institution1 monthResidents between year 2-418ColonoscopyGI Mentor II
Park et al[22], 2007Single-center RCTAcademic medical centers Surgery residents, internal
medicine residents
24ColonoscopyComputer-based colonoscopy simulator
Piskorz et al[16], 2020Pre and post studyAcademic medical centers 1st yr fellows of gastroenterology126Upper endoscopy and colonoscopyGI Mentor
Shirai et al[23], 2008Single-center RCTAcademic institution17 monthsResidents20Upper endoscopyGI Mentor II
Silva Mendes et al[24], 2021Prospective, multicenter studyAcademic institution6 months1st yr gastroenterology residents23Upper endoscopy and colonoscopyGI Mentor II
Telem et al[18], 2014Prospective study Academic institution6 wkNovice surgical interns, attending physicians12ColonoscopyGI Mentor
Van Sickle et al[17], 2011Multicenter pre and posttest studyAcademic institution8 wkPostgraduate year 1-4 41Upper endoscopy and colonoscopyGI Mentor II