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Artif Intell Med Imaging. Jun 28, 2020; 1(1): 19-30
Published online Jun 28, 2020. doi: 10.35711/aimi.v1.i1.19
Table 1 Recent publications using artificial intelligence and radiomics in pancreatic disease
Ref.YearDiseaseNumberTraining/testingModalityDesignFeature selectionResults
PADC detection
Chu et al[18]2019PDAC vs normal190:190255/125CTRetrospectiveRFAccuracy: 99.2%; AUC: 0.99
Liu et al[19]2020PDAC vs normal370:320PDAC: 295/256; Normal: 75/64CTRetrospectiveCNNAccuracy: 98.6-98.9%; AUC: 0.997-0.999
Li et al[21]2020LN metastasis159118/41CTRetrospectiveLASSOCombined model; AUC: Training/test = 0.944/0.912
Bian et al[22]2019LN metastasis225-CTRetrospectiveLASSOThe arterial rad-score is associated with the risk of LN metastasis.
Hui et al[25]2020R0 vs R1 after PD34:52-CTRetrospectiveSVMAUC: 0.8614 Accuracy: 84.88%
Bian et al[26]2020SMV margin (R0 vs R1) after PD127:54-CTRetrospectiveLASSOAUC: 0.75
Zhang et al[28]2018POPF after PD11780/37CTRetrospectiveLASSOAUC: Training/test 0.8248/0.7609
Xie et al[32]2020PFS and OS220147/73CTRetrospectiveLASSORad-score is better than clinical model and TNM system
Cozzi et al[33]2019OS and local control after SBRT10060/40CTRetrospectiveElastic net regularization, Cox regression modelsIdentify low and high-risk groups
Chakraborty et al[41]2018Low risk vs high risk103CTRetrospectiveRF, SVMAUC: 0.77
Corral et al[42]2019Normal pancreas, low-grade dysplasia, high-grade dysplasia, and adenocarcinoma139 (31:48:20:40)-MRIRetrospectiveDeep learningAUC: 0.78
Liang et al[49]2019Grade 1 vs 2/313786/51CTRetrospectiveLASSOAUC: Training/test = 0.907/0.891
Gu et al[50]2019Grade 1 vs 2/3138104/34CTRetrospectiveMRMR, RFAUC: Training/test = 0.974/0.902
Bian et al[51]2020Grade 1 vs 2/3 (non-functional)13997/42MRIRetrospectiveLASSO and LDAAUC: Training/test = 0.851/0.736
Other pancreatic lesions
Park et al[54]2020AIP vs PDAC85: 9360/29: 60/33CTRetrospectiveRFAccuracy: 95.2%; AUC: 0.975
Zhang et al[55]2019AIP vs PDAC45: 66-PET/CTRetrospectiveRF, adaptive boosting, SVMAccuracy: 85%; AUC: 0.93
Ren et al[56]2019MFP vs PDAC79: 3069/40CTRetrospectiveMann-Whitney U test, MRMRAUC: 0.98
Mashayekhi et al[57]2020Functional abdominal pain, recurrent acute pancreatitis, chronic pancreatitis20:19:17-CTRetrospectiveIsomap and SVMAccuracy: 82.1%
Yang et al[58]2019Serous vs mucinous cystadenoma53: 254:1CTRetrospectiveRFAccuracy: 83%; AUC: 0.75