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Artif Intell Med Imaging. Feb 28, 2022; 3(1): 1-7
Published online Feb 28, 2022. doi: 10.35711/aimi.v3.i1.1
Table 1 Example of Conformité Européenne (CE)-marked, US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved or FDA-permitted artificial intelligence devices
Pulmonary conditions
AI device/algorithm
Brief description
Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseLung density analysis softwareChest CT Uses three-dimensional segmentation of the lungs, volumetric analysis and density evaluations from CT images to aid in diagnosis and progression of the disease
LungQ softwareChest CT Quantitative analysis of lung volume. Airway morphology analysis
Interstitial lung diseaseLungPrint DiscoveryChest CT Lung tissue and airway evaluation. Quantitative analysis using deep learning to detect interstitial lung disease and chronic obstructive lung disease
Lung Texture AnalysisChest CTTransforms a standard chest CT into a detailed map. Lung textures quantification
Pulmonary infectionIcolungNon-contrast Chest CTDetects COVID-19 at an early stage and quantify the extent of lung lesions
InferRead CT pneumoniaChest CTReal-time identification. Alerts of suspected pneumonia cases
Lung noduleSyngo.CT Lung CADMultidetector Chest CTComputer-aid detection tool designed to detect solid pulmonary nodules using convolutional neural network. To be used as the second reader.
AI-Rad Companion (Pulmonary)CT DICOM chestQuantitative and qualitative analysis using deep learning. Segmentation of lung lobes and identification of lesions
Temporal Comparison softwareChest X-rayThe new image is superimposed on the old image to detect changes in the lung parenchyma.
ClearRead CTCT chestLung nodule detection asymptomatic population