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World J Meta-Anal. Aug 28, 2021; 9(4): 377-388
Published online Aug 28, 2021. doi: 10.13105/wjma.v9.i4.377
Table 1 Characteristics of the studies included in the Meta-analysis
Study design
Sample size
Efficacy assessments
Safety assessments
Harada et al[22], 2009RCTJapanDouble-blind24 wk2 mg/d DNG vs 900 μg/d buserelin137/134VASBMD change Hot flashes Headache
Strowitzki et al[23], 2010RCTGermany Austria Spain Poland Italy PortugalOpen-label24 wk2 mg/d DNG vs 3.75 mg/4wk leuprolide124/128VASHot flashes Headache
Abdou et al[24], 2018RCTEgyptOpen-label12 wk2 mg/d DNG vs 3.75 mg/4 wk leuprolide130/131VASHot flashes Headache
Lang et al[25], 2018RCTChinaDouble-blind24 wk2 mg/d DNG vs placebo130/132VAS SAM intake BMD change E2
Strowitzki et al[26], 2010RCTGermany Italy UkraineDouble-blind12 wk2 mg/d DNG vs placebo102/96SAM intakeBMD change E2 Headache
Osuga et al[27], 2017RCTJapanDouble-blind16 wk2 mg/d DNG vs placebo34/33VAS SAM intakeE2 Hot flashes
Harada et al[28], 2017RCTJapanDNG: Un-blind Placebo: Blind24 wk2 mg/d DNG vs placebo53/129VAS