Systematic Reviews
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World J Meta-Anal. Apr 28, 2021; 9(2): 193-207
Published online Apr 28, 2021. doi: 10.13105/wjma.v9.i2.193
Table 4 Other retrospective cohort studies
Evaluated parameters
Summary of main findings
Cao et al[72]ChinaHospitalized patientsWBC, ANC, ALC, DDIMElevated ferritin vs disease controlsElevated ferritin corelated with disease severity and degree of liver injury7
Chen et al[73]ChinaHospitalized patientsANC, ALC, PLT, DDIMRecurrent cases vs disease controlsElevated AST and ALT are predictive of COVID-19 recurrence7
Ding et al[74]ChinaHospitalized patientsALC, PLT, DDIMDeceased vs discharged Abnormal AST and D-Bil were independent predictors of mortality7
Lei et al[75]ChinaHospitalized patientsANC, ALC, PLT, DDIMComparison of parameters for peak levels of each LFTAssociated ANC, ALC, PLT, and DDIM with peak levels of AST, ALC, ALP, and TBIL6
Luan et al[76]ChinaICU hospitalizedWBC, HGB, ANC, ALC, PLTS, DDIM, PT, PTT, INRCAC vs non-CACCAC correlates with liver injury8