Opinion Review
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World J Med Genet. Jul 20, 2023; 11(3): 28-38
Published online Jul 20, 2023. doi: 10.5496/wjmg.v11.i3.28
Table 1 Role of interleukin (IL)-2/IL-2R in pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases
Autoimmune diseasesPathogenesisGenetics (SNP)Therapy
Systemic lupus erythematosusAcute necrotizing vasculitisIL-2 330/T (IL-2); IL-2 330/G (IL-2); rs2069763 (IL-2); rs6822844 G/T; (IL2-IL21)Low dose IL-2, Rituximab
Rheumatoid arthritisInflammatory synovitisrs791588 (IL2RA); rs2281089 (IL2RA); rs2104286 (IL2RA)Low dose IL-2, Infliximab
Systemic sclerosisObliterative vasculopathy fibrosisrs2069762A (IL-2); rs6822844T (IL2-IL21); rs6835457G (IL-2); rs907715T (IL-2); IL2-384-G (IL-2); rs11594656 (IL-2RA); rs2104286(IL-2); rs12722495 (IL-2)Low dose IL-2, Basiliximab
Multiple sclerosisInflammatory demyelinationrs2104286 (IL-2); rs11594656 (IL-2RA); rs35285258 (IL-2RB)Tregs, MDSCs, IL-2
Sjogren syndromeSalivary and lacrimal glands dysfunctionNo dataLow dose IL-2