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World J Obstet Gynecol. Jul 10, 2018; 7(1): 1-16
Published online Jul 10, 2018. doi: 10.5317/wjog.v7.i1.1
Table 1 Risk factors for thyroid disease defined by the endocrine society[20]
Women over the age of 30
Family history of autoimmune thyroid illness or hypofunction
Women with thyroid swelling
Women with thyroid antibodies (mainly TPO)
Symptoms or signs indicative of hypothyroidism
Women with T1DM, or with any autoimmune diseases
Women with previous history of abortion and premature birth
Women with history of previous head or neck radiation or thyroidectomy
Women on thyroid hormones replacement therapy
Women living in a geographical area lacking iodine
Table 2 Wilson and Jungner criteria for disease screening[54]
The condition sought should be an important health problem
There should be an accepted treatment for patients with recognised disease
Facilities for diagnosis and treatment should be available
There should be a latent or early symptomatic stage
There should be a suitable test or examination
The test should be acceptable to the population
The natural history of the condition should be adequately understood
There should be an agreed policy on who to treat as patients
The cost of case finding should be cost-effective
Case finding should be a continuing process and not a “once and for all” project