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World J Obstet Gynecol. Feb 10, 2014; 3(1): 7-13
Published online Feb 10, 2014. doi: 10.5317/wjog.v3.i1.7
Table 1 Summary of studies investigating desmopressin in female storage
StudyIndicationDesignDesmopressin dose/formulationComparatornPrimary end-pointResult
Lose et al[8], 2003NocturiaRCT0.1, 0.2, 0.4 mg oral, hard tabletPlacebo144Percent of patients with > 50% reduction in nocturiaSignificant vs placebo
Weiss et al[9], 2012NocturiaRCT10, 25, 50, 100 μg oral lyophylizatePlacebo341Reduction in no of voids, patients with > 33% reduction in nocturiaSignificant vs placebo for both co-primary end-points
Yamaguchi et al[11], 2013NocturiaRCT10, 25, 50, 100 μg oral lyophylizatePlacebo58Reduction in nocturia episodesSignificant vs placebo for 25 and 50 mg
Sand et al[13], 2013NocturiaRCT25 μg oral lyophylizatePlacebo261Reduction in nocturia episodes, percent of responders (> 33% reduction)Significant vs placebo
Hilton et al[14], 1983Nocturia (MS )RCT, crossover design20 μg nasalPlacebo16Reduction in nocturia episodesSignificant vs placebo
Eckford et al[15], 1994Nocturia (MS)RCT20 μg nasalPlacebo22Reduction in nocturia episodesSignificant vs placebo
Eckford et al[16], 1995Nocturia (MS)Open label, non-randomized, placebo controlled, incremental dose20, 40 , 60 μg nasal-8Nocturnal urinary volume and osmolaritiesSignificant vs placebo
No significant for 40 and 60 vs 20 μg
Robinson et al[18], 2004Daytime incontinence (any type)RCT, crossover design40 μg nasalPlacebo604-h post-dose periods with no urine leakageSignificant vs placebo
Hashim et al[19], 2009OABRCT, crossover design0.2 mg oral, hard tabletPlacebo41Time to various OAB symptoms in 8 h post doseSignificant vs placebo
Han et al[20], 2011OABOpen label, randomizedDesmopressin 0.2 mg plus solifenacin 5 mgDesmopressin 0.2 mg68Time to first frequency or urgency episodeSignificant for combination vs desmopressin monotherapy