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Dr. Wei Yang’s research mainly focuses on the tumor diagnosis and ultrasound- guided minimally invasive therapy, that is to say, radiofrequency ablation. She explored the mechanism of tumor recurrence after ablation, thermal ablation combining with adjuvant methods and clinical translational study in liver cancers. She has made seminal contributions on 1) developing the research on targeted liposomal delivery anti-tumor agents which helps to improve the effect of radiofrequency ablation, 2) designing the combination therapy with low toxicity heat shock protein inhibitor-quercetin to increase tumor necrosis range, 3) setting up the mathematical model for large tumor with overlapping ablations and new techniques for difficult treat liver tumors. She has published 65 original papers in the SCI journals and four papers were published in . These papers have been cited more than 600 times by others. She was honored the Science and technology awards twice by Beijing Government, Chinese PLA General Logistics Department, and research prize by Radiology society of North American. In recent 5 years, she charged 10 national or provincial research funds. Based on previous research works, she will further explore the mechanism and novel therapies targeting heat shock protein modulation and tumor stem cells, to decrease liver cancer recurrence after radiofrequency ablation.