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Overview: Li Wen, chief physician, professor, doctoral supervisor of the People's Liberation Army Medical College and Nankai University.   Positions: Current Vice Chairman of the Digestive Endoscopy Association of the World Association of Endoscopy Doctors, Vice President of the Modern Medical Care Research Branch of the Chinese Academy of Geriatric Care Medicine, Member of the Standing Committee of the Digestive Endoscopy Branch of the Chinese Association of Non-Public Medical Institutions, deputy leader of the minimally invasive interventional therapy group of the digestive professional committee of the Chinese Medical Association, deputy leader of the NOTES group of the digestive endoscopy professional committee of the Chinese Medical Association, and Member of the Working Group of Asia-Pasific natural orifice translumenal endoscopic surgery (NOTES), International Member of American Gastroenterology Association (AGA).   Specialty: Endoscopic minimally invasive treatment of digestive  diseases, especially endoscopic treatment of pancreaticobiliary disease (ERCP + EUS), endoscopic treatment of early gastrointestinal cancer (ESD),  and NOTES .   Innovation: The world's first EUS-guided iodine 125 seed implantation for the treatment of esophageal cancer and duodenal papillary cancer. It is the first to carry out experimental research on NOTES in China, and it is the first to propose the concept "Endoscopic Surgery".   Publications: 59 papers (32 original articles and 27 abstracts) published in English journals (SCI). The highest impact factor of a single paper is 7.3 points, and the cumulative impact factor is 73.9 points. Published 126 papers in domestic medical journals (Chinese).   Internationale meetings: Oral presentation 14 times at important international conferences such as US Digestive Disease Week (DDW) and United European Gastrointestinal Disease Week (UEGW).  "Hands-on" endoscopy training 3 times at international conferences in Singapore, South Korea and Egypt. Live demonstrattion of endoscopic workshop for more than a hundred times at domestic and international conferences.   Honors: Won excellent paper awards at the DDW 2000 (GRG/AGA Travel Award) in the United States and the UEGW 1999 (Financial Assistance) in Italy. Won 4 awards for teaching achievements, scientific and technological progress. In 2019, he was awarded the title of Excellent Doctoral Supervisor of PLA Medical College.   Students: Supervise 25 masters, 9 doctors, and 2 foreign students (Pakistan and Egypt). Seven of them won the Excellent Paper Award (Travel Grant 8,000 Euro) in 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2017 (2 times) and 2018 at UEGW respectively, and 2 people won the 2018 Korea  Excellent paper at the International EUS Summit Forum (Travel Grant 500 USD/person). Seven students have been awarded the title of Excellent Students of the PLA Medical College for 12 times, and one student has been awarded the title of "Top Ten Medical Students" of Nankai University.