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Dr. Camacho's scientific training began in 1989 as a student in the Pre-medical Experimental Pilot Course (formally Histopathological Technical Option of the UNAM´s National Preparatory School). Dr. Camacho studied medicine and was a founding member of a research initiation student program (AFINES) of the Faculty of Medicine, in addition he was a professor for almost 10 years at UNAM. After finishing his medical career, he completed the master’s degree on Biomedical Sciences in Gastrointestinal Physiology with a specialization in Neurogastroenterology. Dr. Camacho has been a researcher since 2000 at the Mexico City General Hospital “Dr. Eduardo Liceaga” (HGMEL). He has published 18 scientific papers and is a reviewer of scientific journals. He is a professor at the Iberoamerican University in the area of psychology´s methods and at the Clinicopathology of the digestive system of the IPN. He has directed more than 10 thesis and has more than 168 citations. Since 2016 he is a Research coordinator of the Gastroenterological Service of the HGMEL. His current projects includes neurogenic bowel dysfunction, irritable bowel syndrome, gastroesophageal reflux disease, psychology of gastrointestinal diseases, endoscopy, liver diseases, artificial intelligence and neurogastroenterology.