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Alina Tantau, with a medical degree in Romania, upon her PhD in 2010 at University of Medicine Cluj Npaoca, Tantau Alina was nominated an associate professor at Faculty of Medicine Cluj Napoca, where she initiated a Hands On Endoscopy Programme for fellows and young specialists. Over the last 10 years, she has focused her scientific interests on the topics related with endoscopic diagnosis and treatment of early gastrointestinal cancers. With her expertise in endoscopy techniques, interventionale endoscopy and endoscopic ultrasounds, she has establised a series o medical protocols for early diagnostic using chromoendoscopy and NBI techniques for digestiv cancers, developed a stadialisation methode of digestive tumors using miniprobs (IUDS), developed the POEM technique in Estern Europe, trained tens of fellows and young specialists in interventional endoscopy, published numerous SCI journal papers and book chapters, edited/reviewed for many academic journals, work as a guest professor in many foreign universities and institutes, coordinated/participated in several EU/national projects and received an academic award from Romania Academy (2015). Clinical research and applicability of endoscopic techniques of diagnosis and treatment has been a pursuit in her academic career.