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Dr. Mujib Ullah is an expert in the field of regenerative medicine and a US trained investigator in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and in cancer. Given the large number of patients diagnosed with cancer and significant amount of omics data generated during cancer treatment, there is a specific interest in the application of AI to improve cancer care and diagnostics. AI techniques and deep learning can be utilized in the development of predictive models for personalized treatments with engineered stem cells, immune cells and regenerative tissue. Dr. Ullah studies how turning off oncogenes (cancer genes) can cause tumor regression in preclinical and clinical studies. He is currently expanding her translational research to include early diagnostics, therapeutic monitoring, and prediction of response to therapeutics in solid tumors such as kidney cancer and lung cancer, with the goal of helping to make personalized medicine possible. The goal of this research is to accurately diagnose aggressive cancers as well as to provide new insights about metastatic spread and the development of resistance against therapies.