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World J Meta-Anal. Jun 28, 2020; 8(3): 233-244
Published online Jun 28, 2020. doi: 10.13105/wjma.v8.i3.233
Table 2 Non-coding RNAs as potential prognostic biomarkers of gastrointestinal stromal tumors
Ref.Compared groupsncRNAs studiedResults and potential prognostic biomarkers
Subramanian et al[41], 20088 GISTs compared to 19 mesenchymal tumors84 miRNAs16 upregulated miRNAs: miRNA-10, miRNA-22, miRNA-29a, miRNA-29b, miRNA-29c, miRNA-30a-5p, miRNA-30e-5 miRNA-30c, miRNA-30d miRNA-99b miRNA-125a miRNA-140, miRNA-143, miRNA-145 miRNA-368 ABI-13268 let-7b, miRNA-1; 10 downregulated miRNAs: miRNA-1 miR-92 miRNA-133a, miRNA-133b miRNA-200b miRNA-221, miRNA-222 miRNA-368, miRNA-376a ABI-13232
Haller et al[40], 20104 gastric PDGFRAmut, 4 gastric KITmut and 4 intestinal KITmut. 49 GISTs further analyzed by qRT-PCR734 miRNAsDownregulated miRNA-221 and miR-222 in in KIT-mutant GIST compared with KIT/PDGFRA wild type GIST
Koelz et al[42], 201154 GISTs compared to healthy blood samplesmiRNAs-22/-222Depressed miRNA-221 and 222 in kit positive tumor samples, whereas Kit-negative GISTs exhibited a completely inverse expression pattern
Niinuma et al[43], 201256 GISTs939 miRNAsAssociation of miR-196a and HOTAIR with high risk tumors, metastasis, and overall survival
Yamamoto et al[44], 20134 low grade vs 4 intermediate vs 11 high grade GISTs904 miRNAsDownregulation of miR-133b in high grade tumors and correlation with Fachin-1 overexpression
Gits et al[45], 201350 GISTs compared to 10 gastrointestinal leiomyosarcomas725 miRNAsDownregulated miR-17-92 and miRNAs 221/222 in tumor samples
Gyvyte et al[46], 201715 GISTs compared to 15 samples of adjacent tissue1672 miRNAs15 downregulated and 4 upregulated miRNAs; miRNA-215-5p negative correlation with the grade; miRNA-509-3p association with epithelioid and mixed subtypes
Gyvyte et al[48], 201815 gastric GISTs vs 15 adjacent tissue through next generation seq and then validation analysis of 22 more GISTs7250 lincRNAs6 upregulated lincRNAs, 3 downregulated lincRNAs; Strong correlation between expression of lincRNA H19 with both ETV1 and miR-455-3p
Hu et al[49], 201879 GISTs vs 79 paracancerous normal tissuesLncRNA AOC4PIncreased in GIST vs normal tissue, Higher expression in high risk vs low/medium risk. AOC4P regulate EMT thus increase the metastatic ability of the tumor
Yan et al[51], 20193 primary GISTs (A) vs 3 GISTs secondarily resistance to IM (B) vs 3 normal gastric tissue (C)63,542 lncRNAs 27,134 miRNAs2250 deregulated lncRNAs on group B vs group A; 2209 deregulated lncRNAs on group C vs group A; 922 deregulated lncRNAs on group C vs group B
Badalamenti et al[50], 201940 GISTs (25 localized disease vs 15 advanced disease)H19, MALAT1H19 and MALAT1 higher expression levels in advanced disease samples
Kosela-Paterczyk et al[48], 202031 high grade GISTs treated with IM, 16 high grade OS, 26 high grade SS, 8 high grade ES, 30 healthy controls156 dysregulated miRNAs in sarcomas vs control group10 microRNAs were commonly deregulated in SS, OS and GISTs; 99, 42, 36 and 24 differentiated controls from GISTs, ES, SS and OS, respectively