Systematic Reviews
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World J Meta-Anal. Aug 26, 2015; 3(4): 193-205
Published online Aug 26, 2015. doi: 10.13105/wjma.v3.i4.193
Table 2 Study characteristics
Ref.DesignCountryNo. of participants
Source of participants
Age of participants
Years of residence of participantsResidential status of participantsAge-match between participantsRatio of cases to controlsDiagnosis of breast cancer status
Hsieh et al[3]Case-controlGreece, United States, Wales, Brazil, Yugoslavia, Taiwan, Japan23257008HospitalSame hospital as casesOver 35 years oldOver 35 years oldNot reportedYes± 2 yr1:3Diagnosed in hospitalNot reported
Feng et al[20]Case-controlChina262262HospitalSame hospital as cases, relative/neighbor of index caseNot reportedNot reportedNot reportedYes± 5 yr1:1Diagnosed in hospitalNot reported
Lee et al[10]Case-controlTaiwan250219Out-patient clinic or cancer centerSame as casesMean: 47.2;Mean: 46.4Not reportedYes± 5 yr1:1Pathological examinationMammogram
Zhu et al[9]Case-controlChina246246HospitalSame hospital as cases; relative/neighbor of index caseMean: 50.4Mean: 50.0Not reportedNot reported± 5 yr1:1Diagnosed in hospitalNot reported
Zhang et al[11]Case-controlChina284669HospitalHealth check programOver 35 years oldOver 35 years oldNot reportedYesNot reported1:3Pathological examinationNot reported
Chen[21]Case-controlChina167334HospitalNeighborNot reportedNot reportedOver 10 yearsYes± 2 yr1:2Diagnosed in hospitalNot reported
Hu and Lin[16]Case-controlChina9595HospitalSame hospital as casesMedian: 48Median: 48Over 10 yearsYesNot reported1:1Pathological examinationNot reported
Liu et al[15]Case-controlChina365365Not reportedRandomly obtained from populationMean: 46.4Mean: 45.6Over 10 yearsYes± 3 yr1:1Pathological examinationNot reported
Yao et al[13]Case-controlChina200200HospitalSame hospitalMean: 47.30Mean: 45.88Over 10 yearsYes± 2 yr1:1Pathological examinationNot reported
Chen et al[19]Case-controlUnited StatesDucta: 454 Lobular: 590469Cancer Surveillance SystemRandomly obtained from populationBetween 55-74Between 55-74Not reportedYes± 5 yr1:1:1Pathological examination and tumor tissue specimensNot reported
Liu et al[14]Case-controlChina208416HospitalCoworker/neighborMean: 50.1Mean: 49.2Over 5 yearsYes± 5 yr1:2Pathological examinationNot reported
Shen et al[12]Case-controlChina275275HospitalNot reportedMean: 45.6Mean: 48.5Not reportedYesNot reported1:1Pathological examinationPhysical examination