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Liu,a surgeon and researcher at Shenzhen's No.2 People's Hospital, developed programmable DNA molecular robots at the nanoscale and used them to recognize and treat cancer cells. These robots can help in the early detection of cancer cells, as they're able to sense and integrate the signals created by these cells as they grow. Dr. Yuchen Liu's research interests lie at the interface of information science, molecular engineering, and cancer therapy. The current focus is to engineer information directed self-assembly of nucleic acid (DNA/RNA) structures and devices, and to exploit such systems to do useful molecular work, e.g. detecting and destroying cancer cells for diagnosis and therapeutic applications. He has published over 50 SCI papers including Nature Methods, Nature Communications and eLife, and he won a gold medal at the Internally Genetically Engineered Machine Competition (iGEM) for his work in genetic technologies in 2015.