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World J Clin Cases. Mar 6, 2021; 9(7): 1513-1523
Published online Mar 6, 2021. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v9.i7.1513
Table 1 Characteristics of KMT3 and KMT7 (based on the entries in, retrieved on August 21, 2020)
Name of modifying enzymes
Other names
Targeting residue on histones
KMT33ASETD2, SET2Trimethylates H3K36Transcription activation
3BNSD1Methylates H3K36 or H4K20Same as above
3CSMYD2Monmethylates H3K4 or H3K36, monomethylates RB1 lys860Same as above
3DSMYD1Mono-, di- and trimethylates histone H3 K4' Transcriptional repression
3ESMYD3Di- and trimethylates H3K4, also methylates H4K5Transcriptional activation
KMT6KMT6EZH2Methylates H3K9 and H3K27Transcription repression
KMT7KMT7SET7/9Monomethylates histone H3K4Transcriptional activation