Case Report
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World J Clin Cases. Feb 26, 2021; 9(6): 1490-1498
Published online Feb 26, 2021. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v9.i6.1490
Table 1 Clinical data for 26 cases of gastrointestinal stromal tumor with spinal metastases
Primary tumor location
Location of metastases
Spinal metastases treatment
1[23]62/MSmall intestineLiver, spine, pelvis, ribZoledronic acid + radiotherapy + TKI
2[23]82/FStomachLiver, spine, pelvisZoledronic acid + TKI
3[23]54/FSmall intestineLiver, rib, spine, iliac boneZoledronic acid + TKI
4[24]55/MSigmoid colonLiver, spine, skull, pelvisTKI + zoledronic acid
5[22]56/MEsophagusSpine, ribTKI + zoledronic acid
6[25]49/MStomachLiver, spleen, peritoneum, soft tissue, spine, rib, pelvis, femur, humerusTKI
7[25]52/FStomachLiver, spleen, spine, rib, pelvisTKI
8[25]48/MStomachLiver, spleen, spineTKI
9[25]51/MStomachLiver, spleen, soft tissue, rib, humerusTKI
10[25]60/MSmall intestineLiver, spineTKI
11[25]71/MRectumLiver, spleen, spine, rib, pelvis, femur, humerusTKI
12[26]56/MSmall intestineLiver, hip, spine, femurTKI + radiotherapy + zoledronic acid
13[26]70/MSmall intestineLiver, spineTKI + radiotherapy + zoledronic acid
14[27]66/MStomachLiver, spine, pelvis, rib, sternum, scapulaTKI
16[28]69/FStomachLiver, spine, subcutaneousTKI + radiotherapy
17[29]46/MStomachLiver, spine, rib, humerus, clavicleTKI + radiotherapy
18[30]61/FStomachSpine, liver, lungResection + TKI
19[30]58/MSmall intestineSpine, humerus, liver, peritoneumResection + TKI
20[30]71/MSmall intestineSpine, humerus, liver, pleuraResection + TKI
21[31]58/MSmall intestineLiver, spine, sternoclavicular jointTKI + radiotherapy
22[32] 37/MSmall intestineLiver, spineResection + TKI + radiotherapy + chemotherapy
23[33] 54/MSmall intestineLiver, spineResection + sorafenib + regorafenib
24[34] 76/FRectumSpine, ribResection + TKI
25[21] 57/MRectumLiver, lung, spine, clivus, temporal boneTKI + radiotherapy
26[35] 83/MColonSpineResection + radiotherapy