Case Report
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World J Clin Cases. Jul 6, 2019; 7(13): 1717-1725
Published online Jul 6, 2019. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v7.i13.1717
Table 2 Characteristics of benzbromarone-induced hepatotoxicity cases
AgeSexCourse of benzbro-maroneDoseCombined medicationPrior liver diseasesOther diseasesTreatmentOutcomeRef.
68F3.5 mo200 mg/d (6 wk); 100 mg/d (2 mo)Methyldopa-Gout, hypertensionConservative treatmentRecovery (24 d)[17]
62M6 mo75 mg/d--Hyperurice-miaBilirubin absorptionDeath(62 d)[18]
58M2 moNot describedAllopurinol, tocopherol, nicotinate, alprazolam, theophylline, azelastine hydrochloride, nilvadipine alcohol: (approximately 36 g/d)-Hyperurice-mia, hypertension, asthmatic bronchitisPE + HDF, prednisolone (30 mg/d orally, reduced gradually)Recovery (94 d)[19]
53F2 mo100 mg/dAllopurinol-Hyperurice-mia, proteinuriaLiver transplantDeath (124 d)[20]
53M3 d50 mg/d--Hyperurice-mia, diabetesConservative treatmentRecovery (3 d)[21]
77F4 moNot describedTorsemide, nebivolol, ramipril, thyronajod-Hypertension, hyperthyroid disease, adiposityConservative treatmentDeath (53 d)[22]
59MMore than 1 yr50 mg/dBenidipine, pravastatin, alcohol (60 g/ d)Liver dysfunctionHyperurice-mia, hypertension, dyslipidemiaHDF, liver transplantRecovery (70 d)[23]
47M15 dNot describedThioproninNAFLDGout, diabetes, hyperlipide-miaMethylprednisolone (8 mg/d orally)Recovery (70 d)[24]
39M4 mo100 mg/dAlcohol: (approximately 28 g/d for 10 yr)-GoutPE + liver transplantRecovery