Case Report
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World J Clin Cases. May 16, 2023; 11(14): 3267-3274
Published online May 16, 2023. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v11.i14.3267
Table 1 Results of laboratory investigations in the emergency room
Reference range
Blood gas analysis
pH7.0087.35 to 7.45
base excess (mmol/L)-26.2-3 to 3
lactic acid (mmol/L)3.70.4 to 2.2
Blood biochemical analysis
Blood glucose (mmol/L)62.093.89 to 6.11
Blood potassium (K+, mmol/L)5.583.5 to 5.5
Blood sodium (Na+, mmol/L)124137 to 147
Serum creatinine (µmol/L)207.820.0 to 98.0
Urea nitrogen (BUN, mmol/L)18.031.7 to 7.5
Creatine kinase (U/L)34324 to 195
Amylase (IU/L)85440 to 132
C-reactive protein (mg/L)24.240.00 to 6.00
Routine blood test
White blood cell count (109/L)6.73.5 to 9.5
Neutrophils (109/L)3.71.8 to 6.3
Red blood cell count (1012/L)5.234.3 to 5.8
Platelet count (109/L)255125 to 350
Urine gravity1.0151.006 to 1.030
pH55.5 to 8
Urine sugar4+Negative
Urinary ketone body4+Negative