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Lin Jiumao, Male, associate professor, supervisor, Ph.D. in medicine, was born on Feb, 1975. Now he is the director of the Institute of cancer in Academy of Integrative Medicine of Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the director of the Key Laboratory of integrated traditional Chinese and Western Medicine laboratory in universities of Fujian, the director of the cytobiology third-level laboratory in state administration of traditional Chinese medicine, managing director of Fujian Chinese Medicine Promotion Association, member of Experimental medical Specialized Committee in China Society of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine and associate director of Oncology branch of Fujian Institute of traditional Chinese Medicine. He has worked in Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, researching for basis of integrated traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, Mechanism and material basis of Chinese medicine for preventing and treating diseases since he was graduated from Peking Union Medical College in July, 1994. He went to Case Western Reserve University and Jilin University as visiting scholar for the duration. Now he is researching in Hedyotis diffusa Willd and other TCM clearing away heat and toxic material treat gastrointestinal cancer. Moreover, he was the leader of National Natural Science Fund Project, the leader of Fujian Natural Science Fund Project and other ten fund project. He has published 50 academic papers as the first author or correspondence author, 21 of which were SCI papers.