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Dr. Khuroo was born to an educated and respected family from Sopore. The family was in touch with many Islamic/Sufi scholars/saints and became a seat of learning. He did his schooling in town and based on his brilliant academic records, got admission in Medical College Srinagar and graduated with Gold medal in 1967. He received many lucrative offers from the West, however, he had passion to stay back to serve his society. He completed his MD Medicine from Government Medical College Srinagar and DM Gastroenterology from PGI Chandigarh. During his training period, he discovered an important clinical syndrome entitled as Hepatic-vein-thrombosis following pregnancy and published this work in a coveted American Journal of Medicine. He returned to Medical College Srinagar and was soon rewarded for his actions as he discovered Hepatitis-E as a new disease and spent his next 30-years in exploring the intriguing behaviour of this entity and its agent Hepatitis-E-virus. It is heartening to learn that Prof. Khuroo spent money generated from his private practice to fund for research projects on Hepatitis-E and the projects received no funding from any other source. Discovery of Hepatitis-E brought him national and international fame, recognition, innumerable awards and stamped his position in “History of Medicine” as a “Discoverer”. As of today, hepatitis-E causes millions of deaths worldwide and availability of the vaccine (Hecolin-HEV-239) is making impact in fight against this dangerous human python. This shall lead to saving millions of lives globally in near future. In 1982, Prof. Khuroo joined SKIMS and established a par excellent Gastroenterology Dep’t with strong collaborative work with national and international scientific agencies. Very soon he discovered the disease entity of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Ascariasis. The disease is a major healthcare problem in Kashmir and Dr. Khuroo established the natural history, diagnosis and treatment-algorithm of this disease. This has gone a long way to dampen the impact of this disease; saving thousands of lives in this community. In 1997, Dr. Khuroo published his breakthrough research work on role of proton-pump-inhibitors in peptic-ulcer-bleeding in Bible of medicine, New England Journal Medicine. This was the first time ever an Indian researcher had published original scientific paper in this journal. Since then Proton-Pump-Inhibitors are the mainstay of medical treatment for peptic ulcer bleeding all over the world saving millions of lives. In 1991, Prof. Khuroo did what had never been done in Medicine before! Through an extensive and very careful experimentation he established a new form of treatment for hydatid cyst liver and named it as PAIR technique. A randomized comparative trial between surgery and PAIR was published in New England Journal Medicine. His work on PAIR technique has led to international interest in this form of management of hydatid cysts and by now, millions of patients around the globe have been treated with PAIR technique. Till then surgery was the mainstay of treatment with significant morbidity and mortality. Prof. Khuroo held the pivotal position of Dean Medical Faculty and Director, SKIMS and made huge contribution in academic activities, infrastructure development, policies and practices and manpower planning of SKIMS. Dr. Khuroo has intense passion to impart par-excellent medical care to his patients and has maintained intense respect to his patients and their beliefs. He believes strongly in bill-of-rights for his patients and maintained high standard of ethics, morals and discipline of exemplary nature. He has kept a superb example of giving intense formal, In-service and practical training to his technicians, nurses, residents and younger colleagues. Dr. Khuroo is married to Haleema Pandith and the marriage has been a huge success. In 1995, Prof. Khuroo had to make a forced exile and Joined KFSH&RC Riyadh Saudi Arabia and established for the first time, liver transplantation program in the Middle East. However, his commitment to his soil brought him back to Kashmir, India in January 2005. He established a family sponsored/funded Trust, which has registered over 56,000 patients with complicated GI & Liver Diseases and delivers free/subsidized treatment to poor and needy patients. In addition, trust runs an educational website, indulges in major scientific conferences and continues to do cutting edge research work in Medicine and Biology. A number of clinical syndrome have been discovered in the recent past which have made significant impact to patientcare and practice of medicine. During this entire journey, Dr. Khuroo has published over 300 scientific papers, received innumerable national and international awards, travelled as a Guest Speaker to all major Institutions and conferences in the World, and received honorary FRCP, FACP and the coveted Master of American College of Physicians. He has guided numerous MD/PhD projects and trained a large number of clinicians in the art of Medicine and Gastroenterology. Over the years, Prof. Khuroo has made exceptional and distinguished service to Medicine and science, which shall continue to impact world society for generations to come.