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Xiao-Long Liu, Professor in Oncology and Precision Medicine. He was born in Shehong, China, on December 5, 1980; and received the Ph.D. degree in biophysics from Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an, China, in 2008. He currently is a Professor in Oncology and Prescision Medicine at Fujian Medical University as well as at Chinese Academy of Sciences. Meanwhile, he also served as the director of Liver Disease Research Institute at Mengchao Hepatobiliary Hospital of Fujian Medical University, as well as the Deputy Director of the United Innovation Key Laboratory of Fujian Province. His current research is focusing on the molecular mechanisms of HCC (hepatocellular carcinoma) recurrence and metastasis, novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets of HCC, and novel therapeutic strategy development for HCC treatment (such as immuno therapy, nanomedicine). He has published more than 70 scientific papers in the world recognized academic journals. He currently is also the adjunct Professor of Xi’an Jiaotong University, and Fuzhou University. He has received the “Alexander von Humboldt fellowship” in 2008, and the “Young Scientist Award” of Japanese Cancer Association in 2015.