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Professor Jawhar GHARBI obtained his MSc (1995) in Molecular Genetic and his PhD (1999) degrees in Molecular Virology from the University of Tunis ElManar, Tunisia. He obtained the international diploma of Fundamental Virology from the Pasteur Institute of Paris, France in 1997. He also gained the Habilitation (HDR) in Virology from the University of Monastir, Tunisia in 2006. Afterwards, he received a one-year postdoctoral research as Fulbright scholarship at the University of Nebraska Medical Center UNMC, Omaha, USA. He was named Assistant Professor in 1999 at the University of Carthage than in the University of Sousse, Tunisia. In 2006, he was named Associate Professor and as a full Professor of Virology in 2011 at the University of Monastir, Tunisia. From 2011 to 2017, Professor Jawhar GHARBI has been appointed deputy director of the Higher Institute of Biotechnology of Monastir. His research focuses on viral epidemiology, viral pathogenesis and virulence, vaccines development for RNA+ viruses. He has co-published about 50 papers in indexed journals. He has been involved as Principal Investigator in establishing several joint scientific projects with Moroccan, French, German, spain and indian scientists aiming at studying the circulation, pathogenesis and control of viruses. He is co-founder of the Tunisian Society of Microbiology in 2007 and founder of the Tunisian Association of Genomics in 2010. He was invited as visiting professor in several worldwide universities and research centers. Professor GHARBI Jawhar is actually the head of the Research Unit UR17ES30 “Virology and Antiviral Strategies” and the USCR-SAG Unit “Genomic sequencing and analysis” at the University of Monastir. Professor GHARBI is actually the president of the national sectorial commission of Biology and Biotechnology in the DGRU, evaluator of international cooperation projects (PHC-Utique, PHC-Maghreb, CNRS, INSERM…) in the DGRS, Tunisian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Since November 2019, Prof Jawhar GHARBI moved to the King Faisal University for a new position as a Full Professor of Virology in the department of Biological Sciences at the College of Science in KSA.