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Gloria Arriagada obtained her Doctorate in Cellular and Molecular Biology from Universidad de Concepcion in 2007, she performed her thesis under the supervision of Dr. Martin Montecino, were she studied the association of Vitamin D3 receptor to the nuclear matrix. Then, with the help of a Pew Fellowship she joined the laboratory of Dr. Stephen P Goff at Columbia University in October 2007. There she studied the role of SUMOylation and SUMO-interacting motifs during MLV and HIV restriction by TRIM5alpha, discovered a retrotrasposon in clams that is highly associated with leukemia in those animals and perform a screening to search for host factors associated to MLV preintegration complex. The focus of her research is to understand the relationship between viruses and their hosts. I have to main research lines: 1) to understand how retroviruses utilize the cellular machinery, focusing in early events of viral infection, such as entry and retrograde traffic, and 2) to understand the role of endogenous viral elements (EVEs) in cellular physiology and pathology using as model parvoviral derived EVEs and retrotransposons.