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World J Transplant. Aug 26, 2019; 9(4): 62-80
Published online Aug 26, 2019. doi: 10.5500/wjt.v9.i4.62
Table 1 Descriptive table of selected clinical scoring system
ScoreAuthorsVariables included in risk scoreScore gradesOutcome
Expanded criteria donorPort et al[58], 2002Donor ageSCDRelative risk of graft failure compared to SCD
Cerebrovascular accident as cause of deathECDRR>1.7
Serum creatinine> 1.5mg/dL
History of hypertension
Deceased donor scoreNyberg et al[65], 2003Age5-year graft survival
History of hypertensionA (0-9 points)Grade A 82%
Creatinine clearanceB (10-19 points)Grade B 79%
HLA mismatchC (20-29 points)Grade C 72%
Cause of deathD (30-39 points)Grade D 65%
Donor risk score (DRS)Schold et al[67], 2005Donor risk factors5-year graft survival
RaceIGrade I 76.7%
AgeIIGrade II 73.6%
History of hypertensionIIIGrade III 66.3%
History of diabetesIVGrade IV54.8%
Cause of deathVGrade V 47.6%
History of hypertension
History of diabetes
Cause of death
HLA-Dr mismatch
CMV mismatch
Cold ischemia time
DGF nomogramIrish et al[70], 2003Donor risk factorsContinuous point scoreDelayed graft function
Serum creatinine
History of hypertension
Cause of death
Donor after cardiac death
Recipient risk factors
Peak PRA
History of diabetes mellitus
Previous transplant
Pretransplant dialysis
Pretransplant transfusions
Combined transplantation
HLA mismatch
Cold ischemia time
KDRIRao et al[71], 2009Donor risk factorsKDRI quintile5-year graft survival
History of hypertension>1.4563%
History of diabetes
Cause of death
Serum creatinine
Hepatitis C
Donation after cardiac death
HLA-B mismatch
HLA-DR mismatch
Cold ischemia time
Double or en bloc transplant
Donor-only KDRIOPTN[72], 2014Donor risk factors5-year graft survival
History of hypertension1.20-1.5959%
History of diabetes1.60-1.9952%
Cause of death>1.9944%
Serum creatinine
Hepatitis C
Donation after cardiac death