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Hepatobiliary - pancreas and Liver Transplant Surgeon from Medellin-Colombia. I have my degree of Medicine doctor from the Universidad de Antioquia, my degree of General Surgeon from Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana both universities in Medellin-Colombia. After three years as a general Surgeon in the Pablo Tobon Uribe Hospital, I went to Barcelona-Spain for my Fellowship in HPB and Liver Transplant in the Hospital Clinic de Barcelona - Universidad de Barcelona and at the same time I did a Master in transplantation in the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona. S I am professor of the Universidad the Antioquia and a member of the Gastroehepathology Group, I am also  surgeon of the HPB unit and Liver transplant program of the  Pablo Tobon Uribe Hospital, in Medellín-Colombia . I have also a Master in Epidemiology from de Universidad CES in Medellin. My field of work is basically in Hepatoiliary and pancreatic surgery and in liver transplantation with more than 600 liver transplant and 450 liver resections Nowadays I am focused in living donor liver transplantation starting the first program in my city. I have published more than 30 international papers and more than 70 national paper in my country, most of them in HPB and Liver transplant. I have done also reviews for publications in Annals of Hepatology; World Journal of Gastroenterology and World Journal of Oncology.