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World J Rheumatol. Jul 12, 2015; 5(2): 82-89
Published online Jul 12, 2015. doi: 10.5499/wjr.v5.i2.82
Table 3 Others biological agents use during pregnancy and the conception period
Ref./studyNo. of pregnanciesDiseaseBiologic drugsPregnancy stagePregnancy outcome
Berger et al[56] Fischer-Betz et al[57] Case report3AOSDANKThrough pregnancy3 healthy live birth, full-term deliveries
Rubbert-Roth et al[58] Case series from clinical trials33RATCZNon-data26/32 treated wit TCZ + MTX, 6/32 TCZ monotherapy or concomitant with DMARD other than MTX 10/33 healthy live birth at term; 1/33 (1 infant died of ARDS 3 d after emergency cesarean section for intrapartum fetomaternal hemorrhage due to placenta previa; 13/33 elective terminations, 7/33 miscarriages
Chakravarty et al[59]153NHL, RA, SLE, Others1RTX132 prior to the conception90 live births: 68 full-term deliveries; 22 preterm; 1 neonatal death at 6 wk; 2 malformations (clubfoot in one twin, and cardiac malformation in a singleton birth)
Biogen Idec/Genentech/Roche rituximab global drug safety database21 after the concption11 newborns had hematologic abnormalities (none with infections); 4 neonatal infections (fever, bronchiolitis, cytomegalovirus hepatitis, and chorioamnionitis)
Ojeda-Uribe et al[22]1RAABTFirst trimesterNo complications. One healthy live birth