Systematic Reviews
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World J Psychiatr. Dec 22, 2016; 6(4): 449-455
Published online Dec 22, 2016. doi: 10.5498/wjp.v6.i4.449
Table 1 Case reports of cognitive-behavioural therapy for obsessive-compulsive disorder co-occurring with psychosis
Ref.Demographic characteristicsOCD durationTreatmentsCBT durationOCD responseFollow up
Ganesan et al[30]Male, 33 yr12 yrCBT/ERP + SSRINARemitted8 wk
Male, 31 yr11 yrCBT/ERP + SSRINAImproved8 wk
Female, 25 yr1 yrCBT/ERP + SSRINAImproved8 wk
MacCabe et al[28]Male, 50 yr5 yrCBT/ERP4 moRemitted11 mo
Ekers et al[31]Male, 31 yr15 yrCBT/ERP20 hRemitted6 mo
Peasley-Miklus et al[29]Male, 22 yr12 yrCBT/ERP6 moResponded36 mo
Rufer et al[32]FemaleNACBT/ ERP + SSRI45 hImproved15 mo
Kobori et al[33]Male, 26 yr6 yrCBT + SSRI19 hRemitted24 mo
Rodriguez et al[34]Male, 19 yr< 2 yrCBT/ERP + SSRIFew hoursDropped out
Hagen et al[35]Male, > 20 yrseveral yearsCBT/ERP9 hRemitted6 mo