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Dr. Gregg Henriques is a Professor in the Department of Graduate Psychology at JMU and a core faculty member of the Combined-Integrated Program. He received his Master’s Degree in Clinical/Community Psychology from the University of North Carolina-Charlotte and his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Vermont (APA-Accredited). His primary area of scholarship is in the theoretical unification of psychology and has published a book outlining his system, called A New Unified Theory of Psychology, and regularly authors blogs on Psychology Today (Theory of Knowledge). He has also published numerous articles on his work, including two special issues of the Journal of Clinical Psychology and a special section in Theory and Psychology. In terms of current research projects, Dr. Henriques is currently utilizing his system to systematically study and develop systems for improving college student mental health, he is also working to develop systematic assessments of psychological functioning in the form of a well-being checkup, and to develop a more unified approach to psychotherapy. Dr. Henriques is a licensed clinical psychologist in Virginia.