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Professor Zong-Jie Cui is an expert in pancreatic physiology and was trained in UK and US. Professor Cui has pioneered the concept of photodynamic physiology / photodynamic pharmacology and identified G protein-coupled receptor activated by singlet oxygen (GPCR-ABSO). His research combines the disciplines of photobiology, physiology and pharmacology, with focuses on calcium oscillations, exocytosis, singlet oxygen (as a signaling molecule), contact regulation (between cell types), and modulation of synaptic transmission by toosendanin. A major thrust currently is to use genetically encoded protein photosensitisers and light irradiation to dissect cellular and molecular processes and neuronal circuits. He has been on the editorial boards of numerous journals and was on council of Chinese Societies of Cell Biology and Biophysics. He has trained scores of PhD and MPhil students and teaches an undergraduate course of physiology.