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Dinesh Vyas, MD, is a world renowned surgery leader with many firsts to his name and more than 20 years of experience in advancing surgery, research, innovation, education, technology integration and global health. Dr. Vyas is deeply engaged in education and has successfully turned around three surgery residency training programs and medical schools. He has authored three surgery books with approximately 100 chapters and peer reviewed articles. He is invited by European Research Council and NIH have invited Dr. Vyas as a grant reviewer.Dr. Vyas is editor-in-chief of Surgery and GI journals, on the editorial boards of more than ten journals, including NATURE group and three textbooks. He is the pioneer in the most advance surgery: imaging guided, robotic and hybrid endoscopic surgery. He is a board member of biomedical startups and helps with direction/funds to their success and integration with the industry. Basic science research and Innovation using sensor technology and nanotechnology is Dr. Vyas’s forte and he has contributed substantially in the development of smart drugs for cancer and sepsis using nanotechnology. His innovative biomedical products are in various stages of patent process and product development. These biomedical products are a unique type of equipment for mass use, incorporating the AI in development of smart garments. His first product SMORT, is recently tested for market launch. Dinesh has innovative self-sustaining Global Health programs which have exponentially grown in last 15 years. In 2009, he developed the first MOOC program in medicine and it is highly successful. The STRONG (Save Trauma and Road Navigators) initiative is in its 16th year now and has successfully launched many products to save millions of lives by 2020. The program centers are focusing on trauma in rural US and globally in fast growing economies. Self-funded projects with an initial million dollar investment are striving for self-sustainability with the launch of infotainment products. Dr. Vyas’ deft application of mass media and entertainment for medical causes, will generate a new economic stream.