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Professor Jian Lu is a Urologic Oncologist at the Peking University Third Hospital. He specializes in the treatment of cancer and related Cross research in the field of information medicine. He has co-led the implementation of minimal invasive surgery focus on genitourinary cancer in the Department of Urology at Peking University Third Hospital. He focuses his research interests on translational and clinical research in urologic oncology. He is a principal investigator on a few National Research Fund Projects on Tumor evolution and application of artificial intelligence for the diagnosis and prognostication of human malignancies, which may be more sensitive and specific than those now available in clinic. He has received several Innovation Awards for his work in the prediction model and image processing of prostate and renal cancer. Professor Lu is the committee chairman of Urological Association of China Society of sexology and committee members of several important urological organizations. He also Serve as a national review expert in the development of AI medical devices. Professor Lu is passionate about using new technology to help educate teams within the field of surgery and cancer control, and is committed to promote translational research work cooperation with multi-disciplines.