Observational Study
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World J Clin Pediatr. Jul 9, 2022; 11(4): 369-374
Published online Jul 9, 2022. doi: 10.5409/wjcp.v11.i4.369
Table 1 Summary of studies on lysinuric protein intolerance in South Asia
No. of cases
Presenting symptoms
PAA findings
UAA findings
India4Bijarnia-Mahay et al[14], 2016Neurodevelopmental symptoms↓Lysine; ↓Ornithine; ↓Arginine↑Lysine; ↑Ornithine; ↑ArginineYes                       
Moosa et al[15], 2005Neurodegenerative symptoms↓Lysine; ↓Ornithine; ↓Arginine↑Lysine; ↑Ornithine; ↑ArginineYes
Deogaonkar et al[16], 2016Skin pustules, decreased feeding, sepsisNormal↑Lysine; ↑ArginineYes
Nalini et al[17], 2015Failure to thrive, recurrent chest infections↓Lysine; ↓Ornithine; ↓Arginine↑Lysine; ↑Ornithine; ↑ArginineYes
Pakistan6This study, 2022Feeding problems, failure to thrive, developmental delay↓Lysine; ↓Ornithine; ↓Arginine (in all patients)↑Lysine; ↑Ornithine; ↑Arginine (in 2 patients)Yes