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My research focuses on maternal and child health issues relevant to pediatrics. My studies include animal modeling as well as research with healthy human and patient populations. Projects of relevance investigated maternal and infant factors that contribute to the risk for iron deficiency anemia (IDA) during the first year of life. Specifically, we refined a nonhuman primate model of IDA to assess how anemia affects the developing brain, impacting both neurochemical and metabolic processes in the CNS. In addition, we employed these biomarkers to evaluate the benefits of a novel iron supplement, yeast modified to express H-ferritin, to treat anemia. We have also collaborated to evaluate the influence of maternal obesity and gestational diabetes on the likelihood of birthing human infants with low storage iron. I bring additional expertise evaluating other factors that play an important role in developmental health. For example, we also investigate prenatal and postnatal factors that influence the establishment of the gut microbiome in infants. For other projects we incorporate a longer life course perspective. For example, we are currently investigating the influence of early institutionalization on T cell immunity in adopted adolescents. I also oversee a biomarker core lab that provides the testing of a panel of health related measures in middle-aged and older adults.