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Prof. Francesco Stomeo is an Associate Professor of the University of Ferrara, afferent to the scientific  disciplinary sector ENT, Audiology and Phoniatrics. His scientific production consists of 96 papers published in national and international journals, as well as of book chapters. His scientific activity has cultivated all the topics related to otolaryngology, but specifically his clinical and research activity is focused on the phoniatric / phonosurgical sector and on the diagnosis and treatment of OSAS syndromes. He was also interested in conservative treatment in bilateral adduction of the vocal cords and in the surgical treatment of tumors of the larynx by laser surgery, as well in audiological studies. Prof. Stomeo has been speaker at various national and international conferences. His surgical practice is oriented in the various ENT areas, but in particular towards phonosurgery and laser surgery of laryngeal tumors, as well as in the surgical treatment of sleep apnea. He is the director of Audiology and Phoniatrics Specialization school  and the coordinator of the Speech Therapy Degree course of the University of Ferrara.