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For: Tezcan B, Gök Y, Sevinçek R, Taslimi P, Taskin‐tok T, Aktaş A, Güzel B, Aygün M, Gülçin I. Benzimidazolium salts bearing the trifluoromethyl group as organofluorine compounds: Synthesis, characterization, crystal structure, in silico study, and inhibitory profiles against acetylcholinesterase and α‐glycosidase. J Biochem & Molecular Tox. [DOI: 10.1002/jbt.23001] [Cited by in Crossref: 1] [Cited by in F6Publishing: 3] [Article Influence: 1.0] [Reference Citation Analysis]
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5 Demirci Ö, Tezcan B, Demir Y, Taskin-tok T, Gök Y, Aktaş A, Güzel B, Gülçin İ. Acetylphenyl-Substituted Imidazolium Salts: Synthesis, Characterization, in silico Studies and Inhibitory Properties against Some Metabolic Enzymes.. [DOI: 10.21203/rs.3.rs-2161155/v1] [Reference Citation Analysis]
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