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Bin Jiang, MD, Professor, Senior Research Fellow, with a medical degree at the JiangXi Medical College in China, upon his MPH in 1996 at the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine, Bin Jiang was now nominated a senior research fellow, associate director of the Department of Neuroepidemiology at the Beijing Neurosurgical Institute, and director of the China Hypertension Alliance. Over the last two decades, he has focused his scientific interests on the topics related to neuroepidemiology and prevention and control to stroke in community population. With his expertise in this field, he has established a series of appropriate technologies for prevention and control to stroke in Chinese community, especially first developed comprehensive intervention measures for secondary prevention of stroke in Chinese population which may be also referenced for other populations in the world, published more than 50 original papers, especially more than 10 SCI journal papers among them published on Stroke, Circulation, Scientific Reports-UK, Neuroepidemiology and International Journal of Stroke. edited/reviewed for many academic journals, participated more than ten scientific research programs on prevention and control to stroke in community population, including the National Key Technology R&D Program of the 12 th “Five-year” Plan of China, the 11 th “Five-year” Plan of China, the State 863 High Technological R&D Project of China, the State Scientific and Technological Brainstorm Program of the 9 th “Five-year” Plan of China etc. granted from the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Health, the People’s Republic of China, the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Innovative, translational and longstanding research has ever been a pursuit in his academic career.