Case Report
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World J Dermatol. Nov 2, 2017; 6(4): 59-65
Published online Nov 2, 2017. doi: 10.5314/wjd.v6.i4.59
Figure 3
Figure 3 Diffuse intertriginous xanthomas. Usually appear in a symmetric distribution as well-demarcated and slightly elevated noninflammatory plaques of ochre-yellow or yellow-brown discoloration. Typically found in intertriginous and flexural areas. A: In finger web spaces, and in this picture with metacarpophalangeal joint tendon xanthoma; B: At metacarpophalangeal palmar crease in linear band or single papules; C: Toe web spaces; D: In toe web spaces and ankle crease; E and F: At antecubital fossae, with the “eruptive” appearance of crops of yellow dermal soft, velvety papules; G and H: In popliteal fossae; I and J: At the creases of ears in a rare pattern of “plane xanthoma” as very thin flat patches, easily clinically missed, of yellow-orange macular discoloration.