Systematic Reviews
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World J Orthop. Jul 18, 2014; 5(3): 392-397
Published online Jul 18, 2014. doi: 10.5312/wjo.v5.i3.392
Table 2 Study characteristics of the top 20 cited papers in the spine journal, 1990-2009
RankRef.TypeSubtype/level of evidenceSubject
1Ware et al[23]ClinicalReview/level 4General health
2Bigos et al[24]ClinicalProspective cohort/level 1Back injury
3Deyo et al[25]ClinicalReview/level 3Low back pain
4Hodges et al[28]ClinicalProspective cohort/level 3Low back pain
5Banwart et al[29]ClinicalCase series/level 4Iliac crest bone graft harvest
6Zdeblick et al[30]ClinicalRandomized control trial/level 2Lumbar/lumbosacral fusion
7Beaton et al[31]ClinicalReview/level 4General health
8Buckwalter et al[32]Basic ScienceReviewIntervertebral disk
9Spitzer et al[33]ClinicalReview/level 4Whiplash disorders
10Garfin et al[34]ClinicalReview/level 2Osteoporotic compression fractures
11Lieberman et al[35]ClinicalCase series/level 4Osteoporotic compression fractures
12Barr et al[36]ClinicalCase series/level 4Osteoporotic compression fractures/spinal tumor
13Patrick et al[37]ClinicalProspective cohort/level 1Low back pain
14O'Sullivan et al[38]ClinicalRandomized control trial/level 1Spondylolysis/spondylolisthesis.
15Marras et al[39]ClinicalCross-sectionalOccupationally-related low back pain
16Klenerman et al[27]ClinicalCross-sectionalChronicity of low back pain
17Olmarker et al[40]Basic ScienceAnimal studyNucleus pulposus induced histological/morphological changes
18Fritzell et al[41]ClinicalRandomized control trial/level 1Lumbar fusion
18Thompson et al[42]Basic ScienceBiomechanicsIntervertebral disk morphology
20Bovim et al[43]ClinicalCross-sectionalNeck pain