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Dr. Mullin's research focus is on epithelial barrier function - the disease processes that compromise it (cancer, inflammation, infectious disease) and the ability of certain micronutrients to enhance it.  His earlier work involved pioneering studies on the regulation of barrier function and tight junction complexes by protein kinase C isoforms, and the role this may play in gastrointestinal cancer.  His group also produced seminal work on the induction of epithelial barrier leak by Tumor Necrosis Factor (both via tight junctional leak and epithelial apoptosis) and the role this may play in cachexia, mucosal inflammation, and morbidity in general.  His current work focuses on the ability of a diverse group of micronutrients/nutraceuticals to counter the epithelial barrier leak occurring in the above disease states.  This work utilizes human gastrointestinal cell culture models, animal models and patient-based studies.