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Qi-Cai Liu, Deputy Chief Technician. In 2012, was selected as the Outstanding Youth Research Talent Cultivation Program in Colleges and Universities in Fujian Province. Research Direction: enzymes and pain, good at molecular genetics and gene editing. As project leader, he is responsible for the youth and general program of the National Natural Science Foundation, and participates in the two national "863" programs as academic backbone. A series of innovative results were obtained in the fields of pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer. More than 20 SCI papers were published as the first author or correspondent author. The impact factor was over 60, including 4 articles with IF>5. Including "Cell Death & Disease" of Nature, The Lancet's "EBioMedicine", "Int J Nanomedicine", "Biosensors & Bioelectronics" and other academic journals, long-term employed by "Chinese Medical Journal" reviewer. As the First Competitor(in the aspect of the mechanism of pancreatic disease), received the 2009 Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Award and Fujian Medical Science and Technology Award, while gained the 2014 Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Award. As the Major Competitor in the field of detection technology research, won the first prize in the 2015 Fujian Province Science and Technology. At the same time,At the same time, he was the winner of the second session of the May Fourth Youth Award in Fuzhou.